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Great businesses didn’t get to where they are by chance.

Great businesses have intentionally created a high performance culture to get there. Why? Because creating change by any measure is based on the way your people think, feel, and act in their daily behavior.

The secret of transformational change is found in those daily behaviors done better each day.

We help you build a high performance culture by transforming your peoples' hearts, minds, and skills so that they can perform at their highest level.

How we can help you:


People Development

What we focus on:

We help your people find their biggest ambitions, imagine uncomfortable goals, and adopt disciplined thinking and strategic practices to consistently deliver on action.

We're a high performance coaching firm for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and anyone looking for something more. We believe that high performance is available for anyone looking for it, and we provide the framework to help you reach it.

Why this matters:

A high performance organization achieves uncomfortable business goals not only by looking to the newest technologies, but by looking at what they can do to enable their people to perform at their highest potential. Great businesses are disciplined in improving performance per individual through adjustments to culture.

High performance is available to anyone who wants it. To start, you must be uncomfortable with where you are currently.

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Culture Transformation

What we focus on:

Our flagship coaching program accelerates individual and organizational performance for corporate and business clients. In this unique program, we’ll examine the foundation of your company’s culture and see how your company’s growth and success directly correlates to collective thinking, habits, relationships, and leadership.

Why this matters:

We believe that a healthy foundation is critical to success, and also understand that culture is often created by default rather than design.

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Live Workshops

What we focus on:

Learning new concepts is just the beginning. You need to apply it. Our Culture Transformation workshop is designed to build collective efforts towards your next breakthroughs in high performance. We help you diagnose your biggest challenges with your team and provide the framework for high performance culture so that you can solve for it.

We help you create a high performance culture by choice, not by chance.

Our work inspires people to inspire themselves collectively.

Andrea Laurie is making Fundmetric extremely sticky for our customers. By transforming our own culture of thinking about innovation, we're implementing some of the world's most complex technologies (AI) for some of the world's oldest organizations. And we're creating the urgency for them to fully adopt it.

Mark Hobbs, CEO Fundmetric

Transformational growth is guided by the right questions.

Want to know if it's time to create a higher level of performance? Here are some questions to help you think about your journey:

Choosing to create a high performance culture means that you reject the acceptable.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is an attitude that may be an early warning of stagnation. It may be time to choose to design a higher level of performance. You may already know where you currently stand. But does your destination make you uncomfortable?

Changing your beliefs in being able to achieve the near impossible will collectively change the behaviors and actions needed to get there.

You must also establish those values within your people. Do your people choose to be uncomfortable?

The most innovative solutions ask their customers to become something brand new.

Henry Ford didn’t just create cars. He created drivers and transformed society with his vision.

Innovative products and services don’t just help their customers do something different. They help them become a new kind of person. Just as you would ask your customers to do the same for your product, it’s even more important to ask your people to become something different. Your people are the ones helping your customers change! That’s why transformational change starts within, and spreads throughout each interaction your people have with your customers, stakeholders, and each other.

What they become is up to you. How do you want to transform your people?