It takes a culture to raise your people and enable your strategy.

Culture is your competitive advantage.

Individual and organizational growth begins with culture - the operating system that drives your strategy and results forward.

To find more effective ways to compete, claim new markets, and recruit the best talent - you must shape your corporate culture so that your people apply the right thinking, behaviour, and actions to progress your strategy forward.

82% view culture as a potential competitive advantage.
28% believe that they understand their culture well.
19% believe that their organization has the right culture.
Based on a survey of 7,000 business and human resources leaders (Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report, 2016)

Agile Transformation is a process, not an event.

Video (the workshop video with Fundmetric, or a video of Andrea explaining what it's all about)

We transform culture to help your people do their best work.

Your culture is what your people believe in, what they value, and what they practice. It’s what they refer to when no one’s looking. But we often see culture being created by default rather than by design. As a result, the default culture becomes the definition of your company.

It's always the right time to change that.

We help you define, validate, and design your culture so that your people feel engaged towards a shared vision.

The Culture Transformation

Our process:

In our flagship coaching program, we help you craft your desired company culture and build the right foundation to position your organization for the next phase of innovation and growth.


What Are Your Most Difficult Issues?

As counterintuitive as it might sound, our approach is problem-focused. We spend most of our time helping you discover the right problems that are holding your people back from their full potential.

Common challenges we help you solve:
  • Why do my employees look bored, act discouraged, or feel unhappy?

  • How can I help my leaders become more effective and less overwhelmed?

  • What can I do to reduce turnover?

  • How can we improve our internal and external communication?

  • How can I get my people and our customers to adopt new processes and innovations?


Deconstructing Culture to Transform It

What does no one want to talk about?

With better clarity on your motivations and the challenges limiting your progress, we respectfully confront the truths and issues that are impacting your current culture.

We use custom training and workshops to facilitate the discussions and thinking that lead to new behaviours and a shift in values.

Customized Training and Workshops | Phase One
  • Organizational Interviews and Assessments

  • Leadership and Team Coaching

  • Executive Coaching


Building a High Performance Culture

Cultivating a high performance workplace culture is an ongoing process. We help your team actively build the right mindset, behaviours, and actions so that they collectively inspire themselves to evolve the culture and business results.

In the second phase of the program, we help your team confront limitations, create new actions, and collectively design and embody a new culture code to help all individuals and the organization accelerate forward.

Customized Training and Workshops | Phase Two
  • High Performance Thinking and Practices

  • Communication and Client Success

  • Why Transformation Efforts Fail - and What to Do About It